Saturday, 19 March 2016

Oh, sister 7. (Memoirs of Nancy Trollop ii)

I loved the way that Robert took control
Completely ’eadstrong when ’e ’ad a goal
And finally I got to move out of that stinkin’ ’ole
I was still an ‘ore but in a different role
I wanted to scream with elation
When I first arrived at the new accommodation
Each one of us girls ’ad their designated room
And I was glad that Siobhan offered to groom
Sally weren’t exactly pally
And I was wary of Nerys
She look liked she could be a nasty piece
So Siobhan proceeded to teach me the tricks
To show me ’ow the gentry got their kicks
At first I thought she were pullin’ me leg
When she told me that the punters would grovel and beg
And for that they would pay
An ‘elluva lot different from where I used to stay
Back there people begged every day
Simply because there weren’t no other way
It didn’t take long for ‘er to show me the ropes
A crack of the whip if a customer gropes
Obedience I ’ad to demand
Let them know that I was in command
And if they didn’t oblige or they didn’t understand
A kick to the rear or a good back’and
Seein’ is believin’ and I ’ad to see ’er in action
I couldn’t understand ’ow anyone could get satisfaction
Or even titillation from ’umilation
To observe
She told me
Would require consent
But said she would ask ’er next scheduled gent
The man agreed to let me watch
Salivated and rubbed ’is crotch
When I looked at ’is ’and and I saw a weddin’ ring
I thought, ‘I bet ’is trouble and strife don’t know a bleedin’ thing.’ 
What could be so bad that he couldn’t ask ’er indoors?
I was curious to know why ’e needed us ‘ores
Moments later I understood why
When ’e fell to ’is knees and began to cry
And then began to ‘owl
Before ‘e ran to the corner and did somethin’ foul
This was wild
A grown man actin’ like an unruly child
I looked at Siobhan
For at least an indication of what was goin’ on
But she just sighed and shook ‘er ‘ead
Spanked ’is bum and put ‘im to bed
The screams subsided to a pitiful cry
And Siobhan consoled ‘im with a sweet lullaby

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