Monday, 21 March 2016

Oh, sister 8. (Memoirs of Siobhan MacGeary ii)

The look on Nancy’s face
But ye have to agree that it was a disgrace
A grown man actin’ like a child
And the purity o’ infancy bein’ so defiled
It makes ye wonder who was to blame
If he was deprived o’ a mother’s love then that was a shame
I had that same look like Nancy when Sally brought me on board
One of her punters had me floored
When he began to behave like a chicken
If that wasn’t enough to sicken
He flapped his elbows and started cluckin’
Then pecked at the seeds that Sally was chuckin’
He certainly wasn’t any cause for alarm
But ye have to question an obsession that stems from a farm
Sally wasn’t fazed by one so crazed
“Let him pretend to lay his eggs,” she said to me. “It’s certainly a lot better than havin’ to open yer legs.”
In a sense I had to agree with Sally McGhee
Let them be what they want to be
As long as they posed no danger to the others and me
Like silent Sarah Lee
That was his name when he became she
All we did was sit and drink tea
Never talk
Him in a frock with a very stiff…
Well, seein’ that for the first time was a bit of a shock
And I had one eye on him and one on the clock
Not really wishin’ the time away
It just would have been better if he had somethin’ to say
If he’d expressed his desire
Tell me the reason for the female attire
But all he did was sit and sup
And pay what he owed when his time was up
Sometimes the job could be a bit o’ a bore
But much rather that than bein’ a two shillin’ whore
At least we had assortment comin’ to our door
And they’d always come back
The most frequent customer was one we called Jack
The man in the box
He’d bring it with him along with the locks
And ask to be locked inside
Until his want was satisfied
And then he’d shout, “I’m finished now, you can let me out!”
What happened in the box he never confessed
But I’m sure that ye’ve probably guessed
Any disclosure was the right o’ the guest
They knew best
We were just there to adhere to their request
Some would divulge with complete exultation
While others left things to the imagination
But no matter the customer and no matter the quirk
Panderin’ to their weaknesses wasn’t somethin’ to shirk

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