Sunday, 20 September 2015

Oh, brother (part 18) by Grant Harbison

Meanwhile in the great land to the west
Erik the Viking had lost his zest
There’d been constant bickering between him and the rest
And the harmony between them had since regressed
Even life with Sioux he’d begun to detest
With his constant nagging and thinking he knows best
So with his patience constantly being put to the test
And thoughts of Borium that only made him depressed
He rose one morning and decided to leave
Sioux did not fuss nor did he grieve
There were too few memories on which to cleave
And deep down Erik knew that he had his eye on Steve
So it was a simple parting without remorse
And he immediately set sail to the land of the Norse
The welcome he received was warm and hearty
Cheers and singing and the inevitable party   
But Erik just needed to rest his head
So he set off to see if he could find an empty bed
He doubted that his old one would still be free
Desperately weary he decided to go and see
Inside his former resting place a woman cried with elation
And curiously he went to suss the situation
But he cursed himself for his lack of hesitation
When he saw the woman and his brother in the act of copulation
“Erik, we are busy with an act of intimacy,” cried his brother Derek. “Please allow us our privacy.”
“Another one could be fun,” cried the former nun. “You, him and me.”
“I’m afraid brother Erik is not like you and me. And his love is for a monk over the sea.”
“Oh, I see. I know many monks. Who is he?”
“Borium is his name and he was the one for me. But circumstances drove us apart; and now I realise he’ll be always in my heart.”
“Lock me in chains and slap me with a flounder! How could anyone fall for that little bounder?”

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