Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Oh, brother (part 13) by Grant Harbison

So Borium and Truman spent a month in the nick
Conditions weren’t great but at least it was quick
They made new friends and learnt new tricks
Played fun games like ‘count the bricks’
All in all it was time well spent
And they departed Rome with hearts content
Even though there was no love action
They’d experienced the city and beheld its attraction
But their arrival home rendered a few shocks
When they learnt that two brothers had contracted the pox
And Brother Ilirium had been sent to the stocks
For drunken revelry with a couple of Jocks
It was an effort for the monks to get back to the grind
And for the first few days they’d just wined and dined
Eventually Brother Ilirium was released
And they all celebrated with a sumptuous feast
He told them about another Viking raid
Maude’s new girl and the games they’d played
Her large dark eyes and ruby red lips
Her ample bosoms and curvy hips
And about her penchant for chains and whips
Borium and Truman thought that was insane
And asked Ilirium what gain there was in pain
He told them to go and visit the whore
Stressing that they would be begging for more
So off they went the very next night
With mixed emotions of fright and delight
There was more than one reason for them to be afraid
When their thoughts drifted back to the night of the raid
But Maude assured them when she opened her door
That they didn’t have to worry about that anymore
She’d found a way to keep the authority at bay
And as long as she continued to pay
They promised not to stand in her way
The monks clapped their hands and paid their fee
And told her who they’d come to see
Maude smiled broadly and said, “Come with me.”
And to Mistress Paine she introduced the boys
Who eyed them coolly and said, “The naughtiest boys make the most noise.” 

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