Saturday, 5 September 2015

Oh, brother (part 12) by Grant Harbison

As soon as he set eyes on Sister Dunn
Derek knew that she was the one
And she was besotted with the Viking hunk
Macho warrior so full of spunk
So after a steamy night of bump and grope
The unlikely pair decided to elope
To the Sisters she said her last goodbye
It was a heart breaking severance that made her cry
But her message to them was loud and clear
“Sisters, never fear!” she cried and wiped away a tear. “In my heart you will always be dear. “It’s time to be bold and free yourselves. Imagine Sisters doing it for themselves.”
And then without further ado
She joined Derek and his crew
And as they sailed on the sea with the silvery hue
She knew their hearts would always be true
Living together in the land of the midnight sun
She knew right then she was a lucky nun
So back to the Brothers and their vacation
Their arrival in Rome was one of elation
They ditched their robes for the latest fashion
And soaked in the sun
As they were rather ashen
Drank lots of wine and bathed in the sea
And marvelled at the beauty of being happy and free
But fate intervened and spoiled their delight
When their drunkenness lead to a fight
Even though they’d managed to win
The Roman cop cried, “Anglo hooligan!”
And so they ended up in a Roman jail
Sentenced for a month without bail

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