Thursday, 17 September 2015

Oh, brother (part 17) by Grant Harbison

Mistress Paine chuckled when she opened her door
The fear on the faces of the monks was hard to ignore
“My dear Borium and Truman, have you come back for more? Surely from the last time you must still be sore?”
“No, Mistress Paine, we bring you Brother Blaine,” responded Borium. “We won’t require your services ever again.”
“Pity, it was like a dream; hearing you beg and hearing you scream. This monk you have brought, where is he? Bring him to me so that I can see.”
“Truman, bring him in,” said Borium. “Let him come and atone for his sin.” 
“Mistress Paine, I need to explain,” said Borium when Truman had gone to fetch Blaine. “Brother Blaine requires substantial flaying. An extended session is what I’m saying.” 
“Oh, what fun! It would be my pleasure, no matter what he’s done.”
“Good evenin’ to ye, Mistress Paine,” greeted Brother Blaine as he entered the room. “I’m hopin’ ye’ll cure me and prevent my doom.”
“I’ll do what I can. My, you are a very dashing young man.”
Blaine’s heart pounded and his face turned red. “Never have such words to me been said.”  
“But enough of that, it’s time to go. Follow me, Blaine, to the dungeon below. Borium and Truman, would you like to see the show?”
“Yes, Mistress Paine, we’d love to observe,” replied Truman. “To see his suffering, we rightly deserve.”
Down in the dungeon with rising anticipation
Borium and Truman waited for his humiliation
“Let us begin, I can wait no more,” Paine said to Blaine. “Remove your robe and throw it on the floor!”
“But, Mistress Paine, never have I been naked in front of a woman before.” 
“Monk, do you dare to stall? Now, do as I say and go to the chain on the wall.”
“Punish the sinner, punish the freak!” cried Brother Borium. “Make sure he won’t be able to sit for a week!”
“Yes!” Brother Truman agreed. “Let us bask in his misery, let’s hear him shriek!”
Naked and afraid
And on the end of a chain
Blaine prepared for the impending pain
But when she’d delivered the second whack
The words he yelled took everyone aback
“Hit me, Mistress, hit me again! I never knew there could be such pleasure in pain. Hit me, Mistress, don’t be coy. I have been a very bad boy!”
“Heavens above !” cried Mistress Paine. “I do believe that I’m in love!”  
The monks were speechless and could only stare
At Blaine and Paine
An unlikely pair

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