Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Oh, sister 35. (Memoirs of Nerys Jones vii)

We had a visit from Sally McGhee
Or should I say Lady Montgomery
She was still Sally to me
And talkin’ all posh was she
Forgettin’ that it was only Siobhan, Nancy and me
Dean had gone
We’d told him that behaviour like that just wasn’t on 
We’d had enough of his drinkin’ sprees
And despite his pleas
I said to him, “Out, we’re tired of you thinkin’ that you can do as you please.”
So he left and never came back
And neither did Nancy’s Jack
But I was on about our visit from Sally McGhee
His Lordship was havin’ a party and invited us three
Well, she was the one that made him agree
As it was meant to be for a select few
He even gave her money too
For our shoes and dresses
And to go to a fancy place to sort our tresses
She didn’t linger
Already she had him twisted around her finger
I asked her how she got it right to get us an invite
Considerin’ that there’d only be special guests that night
“Curiosity killed the cat,” she said and left it at that.
The night started off like a dream
Us little whores got to mix with the cream
And they were ever so kind
Cheerfully chattin’ while we wined and dined
But as soon as the staff were sent away
That was the signal for the toffs to play
And as soon as they closed the doors
We went back to bein’ whores
Well, Nancy, Siobhan and me
Certainly not Lady Montgomery
We were ordered to strip and lie on the table
By the popinjays and the completely unstable
And if you think that was rude
We were told to lie still and covered with food
In my life as a whore I’ve had some strange requests
And more than my fair share of peculiar pests
But never once did I contemplate
That I’d become a human plate
Completely motionless while the privileged ate
And when they were done
The women moved back to let the men have their fun
They applauded and shrieked like they were truly elated
While us whores and the men fornicated
I caught sight of Sally and saw her cry
And heard her yell at his Lordship, “Why, Hugh, why?”
“Because they’ve had a taste of what it’s like to be rich!” he roared. “And now it’s back to reality, you stupid little bitch!”
I saw the sympathetic faces of Robert and Yvette
But there were looks of scorn from the rest of the set
Tears streamed from Sally’s eyes
“I didn’t know that this was going to happen,” she said to us. “I do apologise.”
“Meddling in my affairs is something you’ll regret,” Lord Montgomery told her. “If I want something, I’ll damn well get. Now watch what I do to the lovely Yvette. She is one who understands the consequences of refusing my demands.”
Yvette stripped naked when he clapped his hands
“You see,” he said and stripped naked too. “Come and kneel before me Yvette. Show them what you can do.”
Robert tried to interfere
But the other men surrounded him and wouldn’t let him near
“Oh, Lord Brown,” said Montgomery as Yvette went down. “Control is how the gentry get their thrill. We smile with satisfaction as we go for the kill. You’ll have to abandon compassion if you want to join our squad. Only then will you feel like a god.”   

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