Thursday, 9 June 2016

Oh, sister 31. (Memoirs of Robert Brown vii)

Ah’d been lookin’ forward tae Lord Montgomery’s weddin’
But it wis an event that Yvette wis completely dreadin’
“We have tae go,” ah said tae her. “Jist think o’ how many people ah could get tae know.”
“We have no choice but to go,” she said. “I shudder to think what might happen if I failed to show.”
Ah wisnae sure what she meant
But somethin’ told me that she feared this gent
It wis only some silly event
Yet it seemed that non-attendance posed a threat
An’ seein’ that me an’ His Lordship had never met
Ah tried tae get a wee bit more fae Yvette
But she wis sayin’ no more
Jist the mention o’ his name shook her tae the core
Oan the way tae the weddin’ she trembled wi’ fear
Exacerbated more as the carriage got near
It wis obvious that this man had clout
An’ ah wis determined tae discover what he wis really about
But there wis a wee distraction
When ma eyes caught sight o’ the main attraction
Ah thought, ‘His Lordship certainly has taste’
There wis nae time tae waste
Ah had tae take a chance
An’ ask the dainty lady if she’d care tae dance
Ye can imagine what a shock it wis for me
When ah looked at her eyes and saw Sally McGhee
Dressed like that she wisnae easy tae recognise
Nae wonder ah got a surprise
She looked like a lady o’ grace 
And that harsh Belfast brogue there wis hardly a trace
Since ah’d never met His Lordship before
Ah wondered how he came tae meet the connivin’ wee whore
Immediately ah started thinkin’ how she could be utilised
But she wis no havin’ any o’ it an’ ah wis promptly chastised
And accused o’ theft
Ah hadnae been near the hoose since the day that ah left
Ah let Sally go an’ went back tae Yvette
“Darling,” ah said to her as she wis chattin’ wi’ friends. “I do think that it’s time His Lordship and I met.”
Immediately she began tae fret
Her enormous fear ah jist didnae get
Eventually ah wis introduced by her friend Harriette
“Ah, Lord Brown,” he said as he shook ma hand. “How is the lovely Yvette?”
“She is very well, sir,” wis aw ah could say.
His pleasant manner changed when Harriette walked away
“Both of us know that you’re nothing more than a fake,” he said. “And if you are planning to go against me it will be a huge mistake.”
“Sir, I can assure you that is not my intention at all,” ah told him. “I’m just hoping that for me fame and fortune will befall.”
“Then your secret is safe with me,” he said. “I assume that you recognised Sally McGhee.”
“Yes,” ah answered. “It’s strange that I’ve never met you before.”
He laughed and said, “That’s because I never entered through the front door.”
“Sir, I do hope a friendship can ensue,” ah said. “Maybe you can advise me on what to do, and please don’t hesitate to ask if there is something that I can do for you.”
“Call me Hugh,” he said. “To start with you can ask Yvette to lend me a shoe.”  

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