Monday, 27 June 2016

Oh, sister 34. (Memoirs of Sally McGhee vii)

I suppose I should have been happy with married life
Especially after becomin’ Lord Montgomery’s wife
I was determined to make it work
And even embrace his little quirk
But there was a lot more to Hugh than a fixation with a shoe
The first thing that became apparent to me
Was that lonely was only what he pretended to be
At night I’d wake up and he wouldn’t be in the room
And when he returned he’d be reekin’ of sweet perfume
There was also somethin’ lurkin’ behind his placid demeanour   
Somethin’ dark and meaner
I couldn’t quite put my finger on it at first
But feared the worst
I wasn’t quite sure what to do
There was definitely another side to Hugh
I was hesitant to ask
But I had to know what was behind the mask
I tried to extract what I could from my maid
Nothin’ direct as I knew she’d be afraid
Somethin’ that might explain these peculiarities
Or at least somethin’ that would put my mind at ease
But there was nothin’ that she could tell me that I didn’t already know
And my curiosity continued to grow
So much so that I was goin’ off my head
And the next time I awoke in an empty bed
I decided to explore
And went through the house floor by floor
Listenin’ by every door
I was about to give up and go back to sleep
When the sound of voices made my heart leap
Not from far
A little up the hallway a door was ajar
I decided to take a peek
Hopin’ that none o’ the floorboards would creak
I was really scared
And really not prepared
To see my husband in a wig and a frock
With his lips around the butler’s …
I nearly squealed with shock
I was mesmerised
More so when Hugh was bein’ sodomised
I half expected him to put up a fight
But the man that I married screamed with delight
And the smell of perfume
That sickly sweetness was present in the room
It was Hugh that wore
I originally thought that it might have come from a whore
I watched until I could watch no more
And slowly crept away from the door
I’d been had
The marriage was a façade
A front for the high society
In case of the eventuality
That someone may discover his true sexuality
But how could I fault him for his dishonesty
When my own goal was one o’ duplicity
And deception is usually incurred by the one that deceives
But he could’ve done better than our butler Jeeves  

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