Monday, 4 May 2015

Vengeance comes from she who waits by Grant Harbison

She remembers being nervous on her first day

But she never expected the trials that would come her way

The uniform made her look like a Playboy bunny

She cringed but wore it for she needed the money

She was rushed off her feet

But really did her best

And right from the start she was put to the test

Attending to drinks and serving meals

Trying not to trip with her stiletto heels

Trying to ignore suggestive remarks

Macho wolf whistles and chauvinist barks

Through all that she still managed to cope

Simply relieved that none tried to grope

But all that changed when he walked in

Malevolent eyes and a lustful grin

She went to take his order and he instantly started to flirt

And recoiled in disgust when his hand brushed her skirt

She quickly took his order and then walked away

And thought about ways of making him pay

As soon as she came back with a bottle of beer

He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her near

She decided there and then to carry out her plan

She wanted to get back at this despicable man

What she did was extremely rude

And one should never ever do that to food

But she thought that he deserved what he got

The ghastly groper

The slimy old sot

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