Saturday, 2 May 2015

Bumps in the night by Gran Harbison

She’d gone bump in the night

Bumped me quite hard

As I’d awoken with fright                                     

What happened next was the last thing I’d expected

If I’d been a little more vigilant I could have detected

When she’d connected my eye with a mighty thump

I’d slipped off the bed and come down on my rump

As I’d sat on the floor bewildered and sore

I’d stared in disbelief as she proceeded to snore

The whole scenario had been really quite incredulous

How could she have been asleep and been totally oblivious?

I’d pondered the situation and to myself did decree

That it would really be best if I slept on the settee

On a night like that I wouldn’t be missed

And I’d be totally safe from an elbow or fist

When she’d awoken the very next day

She’d given me a look of utter dismay

I’d told her that there was no reason for alarm

I’d totally forgiven as she’d meant me no harm

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