Sunday, 24 May 2015

Valentine by Grant Harbison

She left everything to chance
The chance for romance
And that night’s blind date
She began to anticipate
There was that glimmer of hope that he could be the one
But if that didn’t happen
She was determined to have fun
When they met she was pleasantly surprised
He was well-mannered and cultured
Not what she’d surmised
And although it wasn’t love at first sight
Her feeling was good
Something felt right
The night started well
He was so full of fun
So charming and gentle
She thought he was the one
But he hid the monster well
It was all a charade
And not easy to tell
Like others before her
She was easily swayed
And for that naivety 
Her life she paid
And just like the others
She never saw the signs
Another of his victims
His bloody Valentines

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