Saturday, 16 May 2015

Jason and the argue not by Grant Harbison

“Jason!” screamed Medea with extreme irritation. “Let go of the dragon, you've missed the station!”
“Hush now, Medea, you’re driving me insane! All you ever do is rabbit and complain. If you think you can do better, then you take the rein. Remember this is a chariot, not a bloody train!”
“Don’t you holler and don’t you cuss. I know sometimes I can make a fuss, but you should have listened to me when I suggested the bus.”
“I thought it would be easier to fly, even if your dragon is blind in one eye. But it seems like that’s not its only imperfection. It keeps veering off in the opposite direction. I wasn't expecting such a silly dragon. Either it’s old or it’s drunk from my flagon.”
“Jason, don’t be cruel. Puffy’s not old. It’s just now and then that his breath goes cold. When I say let go then he’ll take us below. He doesn't like you pulling when his mouth is cooling.”
I've never heard such drivel in all of my life and I think I might regret having you as a wife. It seemed like a good decision when we decided to elope, but seeing your true colours, I doubt if I’ll cope.”
“So you’re planning to leave me? I had a slight notion. That’s why I filled your flagon with potion. I made that decision when you insisted we fly. I make the decisions; you had no right to defy. So now it’s time to bid you goodbye, for as soon as we reach the ground, you’re probably going to die.”   

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