Saturday, 30 May 2015

The bald and the beautiful by Grant Harbison

Kojak was married to Goldilocks but the honeymoon was a flop
For he was constantly sucking on a cherry lollipop
And she wouldn’t stop rambling about a previous affair
With a rich tycoon called Sugar Daddy Bear
There were other factors too that led to their frustration
One of them being that there was no consummation
He wanted her and she said, “Maybe.”
But he did drive her nuts with his, “Who loves ya, baby.”
To be perfectly honest they got on each other’s goats
And the gruel was cruel as no one got their oats
Eventually it was evident that none seemed to care
And he’d wake up some nights and find she wasn’t there
That’s when he decided that he didn’t give a toss
And decided to have fun and invite Stavros
Every single night they painted the town red
And Goldilocks didn’t care where she laid her head
On the last day of the vacation she eventually returned
And both stared at one another like lovers spurned
After a brief conversation and their situation mulled
Both of them agreed to have the marriage annulled  

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