Wednesday, 13 May 2015

In a lonely place by Grant Harbison

I should be glad to see the back of a life filled with sorrow
But anxiety consumes me when I think of tomorrow
Is it doggedness that keeps us clinging to life?
Even one so wretched and torn with strife
Does fortitude pervade us until that final breath?
Stubbornly trying to resist the finality of death
My fate is sealed and I no longer have a choice
The Samaritans fighting injustice have lost their voice
They really tried their best but it didn’t go to plan
But at least they believe that I’m an innocent man
The hardest part was my family and saying our last goodbyes
And those final embraces with tears in our eyes
It was then it hit me that this is all real
And I couldn’t even eat my very last meal
Tonight I’ll stay awake and watch the hours go by
Waiting for that time when morning is nigh
Consciously aware of every single breath
Knowing they will get deeper as I approach death

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