Saturday, 23 July 2016

Oh, sister 39. (Memoirs of Sally McGhee viii)

Apart from a select few
London’s high society never knew the real Hugh
And if they did they’d have probably had a heart attack
As when it came to sex he was a maniac
Gender or class didn’t matter to Hugh
His Lordship just used who he wanted to
He sought degradation and he loved to degrade
He even had me watch while he rogered our maid
Oh, you should have seen that look on her face
Sympathy for me and horror for her own disgrace
But Hugh only saw her as one that he desired
I guess after that he must have tired
And I presume that she must have been fired
For two days after that Nancy had been hired
But I got the cold shoulder whenever I tried to confide
She was more interested in Hugh and was always by his side
My suspicion grew  
Somethin’ wasn’t right and I had to tell the other two
And I was right
Wakin’ once again in the middle o’ the night
In an empty bed with no Hugh in sight
I’d seen so much and assumed I was beyond shock
Since that time I’d seen Hugh in a wig and a frock
With his lips wrapped around the butler’s …
Aye, I know that I’ve mentioned that before
But when I heard Nancy’s voice outside a door
I wanted to clout the deceivin’ wee whore
So I turned the door handle and got ready to confront
But when I saw Hugh’s face in Nancy’s …
Ye know what I mean
I was faced with a scene that was far more obscene
For while Hugh enthusiastically dined
The butler fervently took Hugh from behind
The butler looked at me in shock and Nancy smiled
Hugh lifted his head and I could see that he was riled
No shame or a look of bein’ perturbed
He was merely angry at bein’ disturbed
“Get out now and close the door!” he screamed at me. “I’ve found myself a more willing whore!”
“Hugh, I don’t know what’s got into you!” I cried. “Why on earth would you want me to marry you?”
“I liked you at first, but you became such a bore,” he said. “Now I have a whore that I truly adore. So, go away now and close the door. Pack your bag and leave in the morning, I don’t want to see you anymore.”
I could only stare at him with a feelin’ o’ dread
“Go on, Sally,” Nancy said. “As from now I’ll be sharin’ ‘is bed.”
“Nancy, what’s yer game?” I asked her. “This was to get back at Robert, have you no shame?”
“Sally, I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about,” she replied. “I’d never ‘ave anythin’ to do with that thievin’ lout.”
“Get out now, or I shall have to use force!” Hugh yelled at me. “I shall see that you get something after our divorce.”
“You haven’t heard the end o’ this, Nancy Trollop,” I said, tryin’ hard not run at her and give her a bloody good wallop.
“I ain’t afraid of you,” she said. “I’ve got your man, and there ain’t nothin’ you can do. And I’m goin’ to do whatever ‘e asks me too.”  

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