Thursday, 14 July 2016

Oh, sister 38. (Memoirs of Siobhan MacGeary viii)

With Nancy now workin’ for Montogomery
It wasn’t that easy with just Nerys and me
Business took a slump
And Nerys took the hump
After I demanded an equal share
Moanin’ the fact that there was little to spare
Eventually we had to agree
That every tenth customer could have a session for free
That seemed to do the trick
Response to the offer was very quick
And business once more began to accrue
And very demandin’ considerin’ that we were two
Every night there were queues
Some eager to be abused and some eager to abuse
There were times that I wanted to weep
From the extended hours and lack o’ sleep
Sometimes it felt like a chore
And times that I wanted a new life instead o’ a whore
Nerys felt the pressure as well
And our frayed relationship began to tell
Worsened by a punter’s request
That put our friendship to the test
So much different to her customary smother
He wanted to see us have sex with each other
Well, as you know I’ve been there before
But Nerys had never been a woman’s whore
At first she refused to bend
And it made matters worse that I was her friend
The request affected her anxiety
And it had much the same effect on me
But the punter proceeded to throw money on the floor
Smiled at both of us and threw some more
Until the amount that piled up was hard to ignore
I took Nerys aside and whispered in her ear
That I would take control and she had no need to fear
And to her sexual pleasure I would see
There was money to be had and she had to agree
She looked me in the eye and nodded her head
And soon we were naked in my bed
Locked in intimacy
Soon both cryin’ out in ecstacy
Hearin’ the soft deep groans from he who wanted to see
Which soon became a mighty roar
Before he spilled onto the floor
And cried that he’d soon be back for more
Threw us some more money and walked out the door
At that moment I had the need to be inebriated
That easy money had to be celebrated
But Nerys hadn’t felt the same way
She was overcome with shame and had nothin’ to say
For days after that she couldn’t look me in the eye
And that awkwardness made me want to cry
But one mornin’ after our last customer had gone
I heard her outside my door, cryin’, “Siobhan.”
I opened the door to let her in
And shyly she came in holdin’ a bottle o’ gin
After a few we were under the covers
Nerys and I had become unlikely lovers 

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