Thursday, 18 June 2015

Uriah's desire by Grant Harbison

Uriah had the urge to urinate
A need so bad
He could not procrastinate
But Uriah had a sticky situation
As the bus he’d boarded had just left the station   
And through rush hour traffic it travelled slow
Causing Uriah to panic as he had nowhere to go
He closed his eyes and emitted a curse
As the vehicle’s motion just made it worse
He closed his legs and tried to concentrate
Hoping the pressure would somehow abate
But the urge became stronger and didn’t subside
And he knew he couldn’t hold on for the rest of the ride
He cursed once again and wished he was dead
But then suddenly an idea came to his head
He didn’t have to go home
He didn’t have to go that far
Near the very next stop he knew there was a bar
So he pressed the buzzer to get off at the next stop
Hurried to the front and prepared to hop
And as soon as the driver opened the door
Uriah let out a mighty roar
Jumped off the bus and immediately ran
Dodging traffic like an irrational man  
His frantic folly outweighed sense
But in no time at all he made it to the gents
Smiling with pleasure
He let out a sigh
But his joy was brief and he let out a cry
For in his rush for relief he forgot to undo his fly

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