Friday, 12 June 2015

The friar and the liar by Grant Harbison

“Hooray!” cried the friar to the liar with the title of esquire. “The sun is out and it’s a glorious day. I pray good fortune comes our way.”
“Oh, my dear friar,” said the liar. “I’m afraid the forecast is extremely dire.”
“Dire?” asked the friar. “What terrible fate could be bestowed upon us? What will transpire?”
“Death and destruction this very day,” replied the liar with a look of dismay. “Inconceivable horrors too awful to convey.”
The friar eyed the liar with concern. “How did you come by such knowledge? How did you learn?”
“Just last night I had a vision of Hell. Monstrosities roamed the earth and fireballs fell. The message came to me as the dream unfurled. These were images of the end of the world.”
“Then we must pray, my friend. Pray for our sins before the end or prepare to meet our doom,” said the friar with a look of gloom. 
“There is only one way to obtain deterrence. But it would require penance. An immediate severance.”  
“Yes, I understand. Your wish is my command.”
“Your penance will require stealth,” said the liar to the friar. “Go home now and bring back your wealth.”
“But what will you do when I return?”
“I shall go far away and watch it burn. It would be best if I left on my own. It’s the only way that we can atone.”
“Yes, my good man!” cried the friar as he ran. “I’ll be back soon. I’ll be as quick as I can!”      

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