Friday, 14 April 2017

In the name of their God by Grant Harbison

They create their own killers for their belligerent God
Mind washing the brain of a hapless sod
Others lie and abuse
Devoid of compassion for those that they use
They create their own words
Not according to their Book
Knowing that most won’t even bother to look
They pretend it’s about love
When they instil minds with fear
Using that cliché that the world’s end is near
And if you don’t pray
Or see things their way
They’ll tell you about hell
And how you’re going to pay
It’s no wonder the world is in the mess that it’s in
For the Power is not external
The Power is within
Closer than we know and not high above
Without judgement and vengeance
Unconditional love
Yet still we allow
And to the charlatans we bow
Feeding their greed
Thinking that somehow that they might fulfil our need
Life might not be fair
And we need someone to care
But the perfect existence is so very rare
As we all have our troubles
Anxieties and woes
Without that the human soul never grows
Yes, we’ve had the great prophets in days of old
Great Messiahs and the stories they’ve told
But those great men who were born in the East
Have followers who have turned them into the biblical Beast
Convincing the masses to confess their sins
While in reality it’s only their power that wins
And still we are drawn
Like the chess opening pawn
To submit to the falsehoods of unscrupulous men
Repeating that process over and again
I just wish you could see
And know that you’re free
This is a world that belongs to you and me
Our Creator has given us His Almighty grace
For us to progress as a proud human race
And believe it or not
Or call me insane
But I know that I’ve been here again and again
It’s just a short journey from that Heavenly plane
Where love is abundant and no cries of pain

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